C'est Moi, Soy Yo, It's Me

Okay, I don't know much French, but I do know Spanish and obviously I speak English.

You already know that I was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. I left home when I was seventeen to go to school and apart from visits over the years it was not until I was 60 that I returned to live in the town of my birth.

I have a Bachelor of Religious Education degree and various courses toward a Master's degree, but I must confess that most of what I have learned has been through my own digging in the Bible and through my own personal encounter with God through life's experiences. You can perhaps understand why I chose the motif of headframes and mining around which to build this site. I firmly believe that we gain more from what we have excavated ourselves than what others have delivered to us already cut and polished.

I've worked for several churches in Canada as Director of Christian Education. But most of my life has been dedicated to teaching the Word of God overseas. I've spent time in Costa Rica learning Spanish, almost eight years in Colombia, South America and another fifteen years in Caracas, Venezuela. As well, I've worked in the area of communications, and continue to do so today.

That leads to the other interest of my life—writing. My career in communications has included many things. I am the author of two books (well, three, if you count the two editions of the same book) and am the current managing Editor of THRIVE, the official magazine of The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, under whose umbrella I also served overseas.

This year I will go into semi-retirement (or retreading) and hope to get to the "bucket-list" that has so often taken a back seat in life in the interests of keeping food on the table and the rent paid!

I am the "mother" of two Venezuela cats who have supplied a lot of literary fodder over the years.