Home (Literally)

Welcome to a world where there is more below ground than above it.
The days of headframes are gone. The few that remain stand against the sky as symbols of the past, a past sometimes glorious and sometimes tragic. I was born and raised in the gold mining country of Northeastern Ontario, Canada, in a town called Timmins.

In the glory days of gold mining, the shafts went down into the earth for thousands of feet. Today, there are no shafts, only the huge open pits. They still go down thousands of feet but are a whole lot more obvious than the miles of now empty shafts that run under the town.

Mining is not for the faint of heart. But its rewards are well worth the effort. The Hollinger Gold Mine in Timmins, was once one of the world's greatest producers of the treasure that so many would give anything to possess.

In recent years gold has not been the only "stuff" taken out of northern Ontario ground. Farther north of us, Debeers is mining diamonds. We are rich indeed.

This site is about treasure, though treasure of a different kind. The Bible says that "...where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Luke 12:34). What you and I most value becomes the center of our lives. Perhaps it is gold or diamonds that you value, or whatever the equivalent of that might be. But I'm hoping that as you "dig" through this site, you will discover a far greater treasure than anything this world can supply. Stay tuned.